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PTE写作每日一练:Writing Essays题型训练










  Do you think it is correct for education system to assess the student's learning by written exam? Please give your opinion?


  Introduction: It is argued about whether written exams are correct for evaluating students’ performances. In my opinion, I think that written exams are a decent method of doing this job.

Body1: In my view, using written assessment as a way to evaluate children’s’ performance has the advantage of being fair and efficient. Owing to the fact the students will receive the same test paper in their exams, the results of the test would be regarded as very objective, and such measurable assessment is very unlikely to be influenced by examiners’ personal feelings. In addition, as tens or hundreds of students could sit in classrooms and take exams together at the same time, written assessment would be quite efficient, for they do not have to be tested one by one.

Body2: Perhaps some people may argue that the written exam does not concern other important abilities, such as communication and teamwork skills, and each student may have his/her own strong point which is not included in the test. However, I have to say that no matter how comprehensive the exams or assessments are designed to be, they could not cover every aspect for each student, and the examining process would, in this case, be very long and inefficient, which, in my opinion, is not feasible or practical at all.

  Conclusion: In conclusion, I strongly believe that the written exam is a correct and decent method of assessing students’ learning.


  这就题而言,比如说我们同意written exam 是一个correct method。理由可以是:written exam 有着 efficient, measurable, fair, timesaving, easy to conduct 的优点。有些同学呢,可以把这些内容合理的分配在两个 Body Paragraphs 里面。但另一些同学可能在 Body1 里已经把上述优点说完了,那怎么来写 Body2 呢?对此,我们可以抛出一些反面的opinion,再加以反驳。这样不但解决了问题,文章也显得饱满,有理有据。

  • Ellen Zang老师
  • Ethan WANG老师
  • Ellen Zang老师
    适合零基础考生(高中英语水平)、备考PTE路上的奋斗者(目标分数为PTE50分及以上)或迷茫的PTE小白鸭(自制力弱、没有一套成熟备考学习方法) (特殊情况需与老师咨询,讨论是否能够参加本课程)
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